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CENTRIC® LIMITED WARRANTY CONSUMER DOCUMENT 2018 Centric Technologies takes great pride in the batteries it manufactures and provides a limited warranty program for many of its batteries. There are 2 components of the limited warranty program for batteries covered by Centric’s Limited Warranty: FREE REPLACEMENT and PRO-RATA. Note: Centric discontinued 1 year warranty/Unlimited Miles on batteries Built or after 12/31/2016 (over 14,000 Miles per year is considered Commercial use see below for Commercial). The invoice battery covered by Centric limited warranty specifies the total number of months covered by the free replacement period. * To determine the Pro-Rata period for your Centric battery, please see the Pro-Rata schedule. If your Centric battery is not on the Pro-Rata limited warranty schedule, then your battery is eligible only for the free replacement period and not for the Pro-Rata limited warranty period. The Pro-Rata period applies after the free replacement period expires, until the end of the total limited warranty. So for a battery with 36 total months in the limited warranty, and a 12-month free repair period, the free replacement limited warranty applies in months 1 through 12 and the Pro-Rata limited warranty applies in months 13 through 36. NOTE: This limited warranty limits Centric’s responsibility to providing a replacement battery or a Pro-Rata purchase price in the event of defects in materials or workmanship, under the below terms. Warranty law varies from state to state, however, and so you may also have additional legal rights depending on your state’s laws. If your battery fails to start your vehicle / equipment, we recommend the following course of action: 1- Determine if the small battery (auxiliary) needs a boost or replacement. Most batteries that fail are simply discharged and need a boost.** Exide recommends having the battery tested first to determine the cause of failure. If the battery is simply in need of a boost, have it re-charged and re-tested. 2- If the battery is still not working properly, you can determine if the battery is under the free replacement period by referring to the free replacement period on invoice, and checking the date on your original receipt.*** If the battery is under the free replacement period, it can be repaired at Centric Auto Repair of the exact same type at no charge to you (other than any applicable installation charges). 3- If the battery is outside the free replacement period, you will need to determine whether the battery is eligible for the Pro-Rata program. To determine how long the battery has been in service, and whether it is eligible for the Pro-Rata program look at your original battery receipt. * If the invoice does not reference a warranty period, this limited warranty program does not apply, and Centric does not provide any warranties except as otherwise required by applicable law. ** Warranty is reduced by 50% for Auto/Truck/SUV and Marine/RV batteries if used in a commercial application. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER merely discharged product and can be denied for batteries damaged due to abuse or neglect, including but not limited to the following: • Battery hold-downs not used properly or not torqued per the BCI Service Manual recommendations, leading to excessive battery vibration or battery damage due to over-torque • Low electrolyte levels for batteries which require maintenance • Accelerated corrosion/low electrolyte level due to exposure to excessive temperatures • Batteries not maintained at a sufficient state of charge during periods vehicle storage • Batteries that have been subjected to excessive out of vehicle charging or to an uncontrolled in-vehicle charging system (i.e. faulty alternator) • Batteries that have been physically damaged including a cracked, punctured, or deformed battery case or cover; broken or severely damaged battery terminals • Batteries with damaged terminals due to loose, inadequate or high resistance connections • Batteries with loose or missing vents (non-sealed designs) • Batteries that have been installed and operated in reverse in vehicle, leading to reverse battery polarity • Improper battery box or insufficient protection from the elements (i.e. rain, snow, or ice) • Batteries that have been operated in an application that it was not designed and/or marketed to support Example: Standard SLI batteries that are used in cycling applications ***Proof of purchase is required (original receipt) for the free replacement warranty. This policy is available from Centric Auto Repair by calling (760) 490-0487 or by visiting Centric Auto Repair. Non Transferable limited warranty. If a battery is returned within the Free Replacement Period (calculated from the date of sale to the consumer) for failure to perform due to defects in materials or workmanship, you are entitled to a Repair Rebuild of the same type at no charge (subject to any applicable installation charges, taxes and government required fees). You can have this done at Centric Auto Repair. Calculating the battery replacement cost during the Pro-Rata replacement period: The following calculation will be used to determine the cost of the replacement battery: 1. Look up the Original Invoice Total Payed. The “Warranty Cost Per Month” has been determined by dividing the “Total Invoice Price” by the number of months in the total warranty period. CENTRIC® FREE REPLACEMENT WARRANTY CENTRIC® Pro-Rata LIMITED WARRANTY 2. Calculate the replacement battery cost. • The Warranty Cost per month is multiplied by the number of months the battery was in service. • Months in service are determined from the original receipt. EXAMPLE: In this example, an Centric Select 36 Month rebuilt battery with a Suggested Retail Price of $1600 was in service for 16 months. It was purchased February 2018 and returned March 2019. The Invoice confirms purchase of February 2018 The replacement battery cost to the consumer or end user is calculated as follows: $44.44 warranty cost per month x 13 months in service = $572 Price consumer or end user pays for a rebuild battery repair.price:competetion is listing the payper click ads at $700..we are alot more? $1600 also they are mobile maybe we can say something like:there’s a reason why only a few shops specialize in hybrid batteries, it is complicated work and requires specialized training and education and a proper and SAFE WORK imagine doing that in your driveway or backyard.

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